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TEAM ANGRY + 24 Hours of LeMons = MAYHEM!!

Posted in 24 Hours of LeMons, Beater Cars, Cool Stuff, Corner Carvers, Racing, Rally, Used Cars by MrAngry | July 23rd, 2010 | 2 Responses |


That’s right, I said it right there in the title, TEAM ANGRY + 24 Hours of LeMons = MAYHEM!! For those of you that have never experienced the 24 Hours of LeMons I can tell you from experience that you are missing one of the greatest automotive racing series in history. Comprised of up to 80 cars at a clip, the 24 Hours of LeMons is the most down to earth, home grown, grass roots form of motor racing there is. The premise is simple, get a car that costs no more than $500, install a roll cage, some safety equipment and a drivers ass in the seat and hit the track for some of the coolest and most competitive endurance racing in existence.


The goal of the 24 Hours of LeMons is to provide racers on a budget with the opportunity to hit the track for not a lot of money. A team can consist of up to 6 drivers, a few crew members and of course, the car. Our car is a vintage 1979 Buick Regal that we literally found sitting next to a dumpster by an old mechanics shop out on Long Island. It’s old and very rusty, but the 301 cu. inch V8 still runs.


Cars like this tend to surprise you and to be honest you really have no idea what you’ve got until you start ripping into it. Our Regal for example was in anything but regal condition. We’ve got holes in the frame, the quarter panels, the doors and the bumpers. Our interior is about as sparse as you can get as it had to be completely gutted to make way for the roll cage. Under the hood you’ll find the same thing as we had to have all the old AC components taken out and tossed as well which kind of sucks since it’s supposed to be 97 degrees on race day.


We’re racing this weekend up at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford, CT. It’s about a 140 mile drive from beautiful downtown Queens, NY, and from a scenery standpoint it couldn’t be more different. This past week has seen our main mechanic, Johnny “The Wrench” Sigismondi wield his tools like no other. No joke, you could give this boy a Tylenol and a microwave and he would build a nuclear weapon. In fact if The Wrench and McGyver ever got into it, Johnny would easily kill McGyver and then make a plane out of his bones to fly home in… yes, he’s that good.


The car originally started out as a nice (well not really nice) white car, but in true TEAM ANGRY fashion that fell victim to one dozen cans of khrylon flat black. We also used five cans of gloss red and two cans of white because we felt we needed to have some color for the children.


It is truly amazing what can be accomplished with a few dozen cans of spray paint, a few cases of beer and a bunch of buddies working on an old car. The TEAM ANGRY DESTROYER is now ready to rock and roll and we’ll be trucking this pile of motorized mischief up to Stafford Motor Speedway tomorrow afternoon to get ready for the races. The car is ready, we’re ready and hopefully the other combatants are ready as well. Keep tuned in this weekend as I’ll be trying to bring you some event coverage when I’m not driving, eating or sleeping in the back of the pick-up truck.

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2 Responses

  1. Ajay says:

    I have to join ur company nd i also want to become a fastest car driver.so plz give me a one chance my contact no. is 9990510718

  2. ds440 says:

    Nice! You know those holes in the frame and body are just weight saving devices….”speed holes.” Good thinking. How did it test in the windtunnel?