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Tata Wastes No Time: Land Rover LRX and Jaguar Sportscar Get the Go-Ahead!

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Tata wastes no time after acquiring both Land Rover and Jaguar in a $2.3 billion purchase from Ford: Land Rover LRX and the Jaguar F-Type concept receive an immediate go-ahead.

After Ford sat on the decisions for the two concepts, and appropriately so since they were planning to unload them, Tata took no time at all in the aggressive decision to target them both for a 2012 release. Both the Jaguar F-Type Concept or XE as some refer to it and the Land Rover LRX give a “Tip of the Hat” to the respected design heritage of their British Auto Maker, while also giving a nod toward the future.

The Jaguar XE/F-Type is intended to be a sportscar that can compete with the big names of Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati. The open air roadster shares some of the design cues of great roadsters and racing roadsters of the past. It is uncertain as to whether the roadster design will be bolted to an XF or XK chassis, but either way it is certain to be a show-stopper.

The Land Rover LRX has made its way through a show or two and has found some outside support of its own. As a sleek two-door sport concept model it would certainly stand out among the great 4×4’s associated to Land Rover. The interior carries that Concept flare toward future gadgets and elegant seating and trimming, but unlike other concept autos Land Rover has expressed the desire to keep much of their concept LRX’s design intact well into production… as evidenced in the photo galleries to follow.

As great concerns were expressed when rumors first started appearing on the web that Tata from India was the chosen buyer of Land Rover and Jaguar, their first steps as owners may be looking to quiet the fears of their customers and employees. It has been suggested that production of both the British Auto Motive legendary brands are to stay in the UK, while certain production bound for other areas of the world will be built at other facilities. A case in point would be the rumored contract Tata has with the Military of India to fill a contract for Land Rovers Discovery.

It is too early to say for certain, but it seems as though Tata is well aware of the icons they have purchased. The important thing now for them would be to maintain those icons while still steering them well into the future.

Jaguar F-Type Concept

Land Rover LRX Concept

Source[4car via AutoBlog]

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