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Tales From the Street: Urban Fluids Edition

Posted in Beater Cars, Cars, Maintenance, Mechanics, Old Cars, People, Repair by Alex Kierstein | July 23rd, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

This real-life tale of mechanical ennui is brought to you today by my buddy Alec, via gmail chat, concerning a little encounter he had with a neighbor downstairs.

<i>Not the actual car ... </i>

Not the actual car ...

Alec: So I have a new neighbor downstairs. I ran into her outside the place this morning, with the hood of her car open. I asked her what was up, she said the temperature gauge was really high. so first, I looked at her coolant: not even a drop. Then, I thought, I wonder what the oil looks like: pull the dipstick, and it was bone dry. she says, “yeah, I have this free fluids change deal from my dealership, I guess I should get around to that one of these days…”

Alec: I definitely want to be nice to my new neighbor, but I think it took every power I had to stop from dope-slapping her upsider the head. my first question: so, have you noticed this for a while, or just today? “well, it’s been like this for a while, but it’s still running…I’ve been really busy, blah blah, blah”

me: JESUS. so there was like no comprehension that her car will run for maybe a day like that. and then it will be broken. like, irreversibly broken

Alec: right. I explained that, and said, look, there’s an oil change place around the corner, you can probably make it there ok. she says, well, I have this free oil change and so I think I’ll do that tomorrow. finally, I convinced her to go to the oil change place and buy a quart and a gallon of coolant, so the poor car wouldn’t die right there. but really? wtf do you think those warning lights exist to do?

Indeed, what are those warning lights for? Look for more editions of “Tales from the Street” as they roll into our stately offices.

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