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Take That MOMMA! Son Scares Mom in 1,250 hp Lambo.

Posted in Babes, Best of, European Rides, FAIL / Funny, Funny, Lamborghini, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | August 9th, 2011 | 3 Responses |

Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo

One of the great parts about being an adult is that your parents don’t have the authority to tell you “NO” anymore. I mean sure they can still give advice, but in the end it’s your prerogative to make the right decisions. For instance, if I were 17 and I told my folks that I wanted to build a 1,250 hp car, I would have been shot down in an instant. However now, being in my late 30’s, I’m free to make all the irresponsible decisions I want. This is Robert Himler, the owner of a 1,250 hp Lamborghini Gallardo that was tuned by Underground Racing. It seems that Robert wanted to have a little fun, so he decided to take his Mom out for a quick spin and then film her reaction with a hidden camera. Even though the car itself is pretty insane, I think you’ll agree that his mother’s reaction to it is even better.

Source: Youtube via Autoblog

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3 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    I wish I would be able to afford a 1250 hp lambo by his age lol

  2. TacoBell says:

    I wish i had a mom who would even DARE to be in the same car with me driving XD

  3. Pfulmtl says:

    hell I can’t even afford 250HP…