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TAC Campaign – 20 year Anniversary: Just Watch It.

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TAC Campaign

Drinking, eating and partying. Three things that make an appearance during the holiday season. In moderation they’re all well and good, but over indulge in anyone of them and you could be in for a rough time. This video was done by the Transport and Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia, and even though it may be a buzz kill for some of you, we posted it because it’s the best one of it’s kind. In fact we posted it last year, and the year before that because some people out there simply need to see it. It’s not fun and it’s not exciting, but it is something you will remember after watching it, which is why it has over 13-million hits on Youtube. We also wanted to post this on random day and not right before the festivities begin because let’s face it, by that time, you probably wouldn’t care anyway. So, from all of us here at Ridelust.com, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

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