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T-Tops Are Back: Celebrate The 1980s For Only $6,500

Posted in Camaro, Car Accessories, car modifications, Cars, Chevrolet, SEMA by Kurt Ernst | October 23rd, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Do you long for the 1980s, when you spent your weekend nights cruising the boulevard with the Scorpions or Night Ranger blasting from your t-top Camaro? Yeah, I don’t either, but now you can add a t-top conversion to any new Camaro coupe. Developed by Drop Top Customs, the kit will makes it’s debut at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Autoevolution says that installation will set you back $6,500, plus your donor Camaro.

T-tops offer the benefits of topless motoring, without the associated hassles of a convertible. Sure, the roof panels take up valuable trunk space, but his is often less that the amount taken up by a retractible roof (especially a power roof). T-top cars generally have better structural rigidity than convertible conversions, and Drop Top Customs specifies that the new Camaro won’t have issues, even in supercharged Z28 configuration.

Of course t-tops had their down sides, too. Sooner or later, the tops will squeak, rattle and leak water, and it’s damn near impossible to keep the paint from getting scratched up over time. Still, $6,500 seems to be a very fair price fro topless motoring, especially if the fit and finish of the conversion is as good as it seems. If I owned a new Camaro coupe, I’d give this option some serious consideration.

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2 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    im diggin it hard core.. now if we can get chrysler to take the challenger, turn it into a cuda and make a rag top option.. then the muscle car gods will be happy

  2. Kurt says:

    LOL, I hear you Russ…