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Swap Meets: From Garbarge to Gold!

Posted in Recreational Vehicles, Repair by MrAngry | October 15th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Swap Meet

For those of you out there who have never been to a real live automotive swap meet let me just say that you’re missing out. Sure the majority of the stuff for sale is just about as old and useless as a 1985 Yugo, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun. You see the real thrill of the swap meet is the hunt. People generally go to them not to find anything in particular, but more or less to just see if they can find that needle in a haystack. Car guys are notorious hoarders. We keep everything from the smallest screw, to the biggest fender in the hopes that one day we may in fact find an application for it. Sometimes in digging through our little stockpiles of stuff we come across a useful item, but most things just lay buried in the cockles of our garages.

Swap Meet

Up here in the northeast the car season is coming to a close, as are the shows and gatherings. What the end of the year does bring are some of the best pick and pull meets of the year. Guys who have been holding onto parts finally realize that they’ve got no place to put them and will likely let them go for a steel, if you’re good enough at bargaining. At the swap meet everything is negotiable and I mean everything. Think about it this way, the morning of the meet some poor sod cleaned out his storage bin and lugged everything to the swap meet in the hopes that they’ll be able to dump it by days end. That means the last thing they want to do is load it back up again just to take it home. My advise is if you decided to venture out to one, bring cash, a pick-up truck and your bargaining hat because there’s no telling what you could walk away with.

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    yugo swap meets ?