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Suzuki Kizashi Tops 200 MPH At Bonneville

Posted in Automotive Event, Fast Cars, General, Land Speed Record, Racing, Suzuki by Kurt Ernst | August 20th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville

Remember the 200 mph attempt by Road & Track editor Sam Mitani we told you about here? Good news, sports fans: the turbocharged Kizashi hit 203 mph in a qualifying attempt, besting the previous Blown Gas Coupe class record of 202 miles per hour. The bad news is that this doesn’t go in the record books just yet, since this was only a qualifying run.

Aside from the heavily worked motor (which include a Turbonetics turbo running 20 pounds of boost, good for 500 horsepower at the wheels) coilover suspension and arresting parachutes, the Kizashi is a relatively stock pre-production model. Air dams and spoilers have been added to reduce lift at speed, but the car still looks like you could run to the grocery store in it.

If racing improves the breed, here’s hoping that Suzuki has a Kizashi Turbo in the works for the near future. I liked the Kizashi well enough, but think that more power and a better transmission would transform the Kizashi into the affordable sport sedan Suzuki needs to boost both their image and their new car sales. Here’s hoping that all this development work won’t go to waste.

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