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Suzuki Equator by ICON Vehicle Dynamics at SEMA 2009

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Set to appear alongside the troupe of tuned Kizashi’s at this year’s SEMA show is yet another pleasant surprise from the often underestimated Japanese manufacturer: the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Suzuki Equator. Without the hefty aftermarket off-road package the Equator would still find a special place in our hearts but with Wrangler MT/R tires and a grill-mounted LightForce bar, we consider ourselves head-over-heels. Part of our fascination stems from the fact that, as of late, rare has been a Suzuki vehicle with more than 2 wheels that we’d permit ourselves to be seen in. With the Suzuki Equator, that unpopular stigma seems to be slowly ebbing and the result is a rally-ready truck that could satisfy the needs of even the most discerning Raptor bro (alright, maybe that’s pushing it).

Unlike a handful of the other SEMA entrants, the Equator’s OEM 4.0L V6 remains completely untouched and receives only two complimentary features including Doug Thorley long-tube headers and a cat-back exhaust. To accentuate off-road capability, the suspension was upgraded with ICON-exclusive coilovers in the front and 2.5″ piggyback shocks supporting Total Chaos upper control arms. Beefy slicks are highlighted by Trail-Ready bead-lock wheels and Bushwacker fender flares and rounding out the list of upgrades is a MP Research bed extender.

For more info on Suzuki’s SEMA showings, click here.

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