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Suzuki: Drive A 2010 Kizashi And We’ll Pay You If You Buy Something Else

Posted in Car Buying, Car Deals, Commuter Cars, General, New Cars, Suzuki by Kurt Ernst | July 16th, 2010 | 1 Response |

2010 Suzuki Kizashi GTS

I recently put up my review of the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi GTS, and I have to say it was a nice midsize sedan. I equated it to a slightly less expensive VW Jetta, which says a lot. Like them or hate them, Jetta (and their badge equivalents) are some of the most popular cars in the world. Despite Suzuki’s claims that the Kizashis GTS is a sport sedan, that simply isn’t the case. It’ll run with a Jetta, but it’s no Audi A4.

Suzuki has a lot of confidence in their Kizashi, and they’re willing to back it up with cold, hard cash. Take a 2010 Kizashi for a test drive, and if you buy another car within 72 hours, Suzuki pays you cash. Of course the program has limitations, most noticeably the cars that Suzuki will pay out for. Surprisingly, the Jetta isn’t on the list, which includes the Nissan Altima, the Honda Accord, the Chevy Malibu, the Mazda 6, the Ford Fusion and the Toyota Camry. All of these otions will net you a check from Suzuki for $250, not bad for a test drive.

Fortune favors the bold, so Suzuki is also ponying up to compete with the Audi A4 and the Acura TSX. Opt for either of these over the Kizashi and Suzuki will pay you $100 for your time and trouble.

I wish Suzuki the best of luck with the Kizashi, but I’m not sure this program makes a lot of sense. I really don’t see the Kizashi as a legitimate competitor to the A4 or TSX, and I don’t think it’ll sway too many Honda Accord buyers, either. It’s a good car with a lot of potential, but you only get one chance to do things right in the U.S. market. I think the money would have been better spent on a few improvements (the transmission, for example), but it’s flash that sells cars, not substance.

Source: Autoevolution

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  1. Wow, that is creative and confidence of Suzuki America. Wondering if Suzuki Malaysia will be doing the same? Suzuki will face major challenges from Honda and Toyota, so it will be great if similar program is rolled out in Malaysia. :)