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Traffickers Abandon Drug-Laden Vehicle In Front Of Police Station

Posted in Bizarre, Luxury Cars, Newsworthy, SUV, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | November 3rd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

In Trans Mara, Africa, paramilitary officers from the Kenyian General Service Unit were surprised recently when the occupants of a luxury SUV that had broken down in front of unit headquarters refused police assistance. After the occupants fled the scene on foot, the Trans Mara police proceeded to inspect the vehicle and through the course of the search, they became a little less startled by the passengers’ behavior. Apparently, the abandoned SUV was loaded with approximately $20,000 worth of marijuana, a fact that the Trans Mara police did not find in itself to be incredibly startling. ‘When the occupants refused assistance and fled, officers became suspicious and searched the vehicle,’ Trans Mara police chief Joshua Omukata told The Standard Paper.

While harder drugs like heroin and cocaine have dominated the African drug trafficking market in the past, marijuana is beginning to earn a significant spotlight of its own. In recent years, marijuana cultivation has grown (had to, sorry) increasingly popular with poor farmers in eastern Africa, and the problem has proven very difficult to contain.

Source: Metro News UK

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