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SUPER TEST: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe vs Audi RS 5 vs BMW M3

Posted in Audi, BMW, Burnouts, Cadillac, Car Reviews, Cool Stuff, Domestic Review, European Review, Videos by MrAngry | August 1st, 2010 | 1 Response |

Motor Trend recently got together some of the biggest guns in the super coupe world for a little shootout in strudel land. We’ve got the new 2011 Cadillac CTS-V that pumps out a stump pulling 556 hp and 551 lb-ft tq., the 2013 Audi RS 5 with 444 hp and 317 lb-ft tq. and the 2011 BMW M3 that makes 414 hp and 295 lb-ft tq. Each car is powered by a proper V8 engine and is capable of sub 4.5-second 0-60 times. They’re all big, all seat 4 people and they’re ungodly fast, but at the end of the day, which one is the king of the hill? Lucky for us Motor Trend took all three of these babies to task in Germany to find out.

Source: Motor Trend

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One Response

  1. Kurt says:

    Car and Driver just ran the same comparison, which means it’ll run in Road & Track next month. And people wonder whay print media has lost its relevance.

    I’m a huge fan of the CTS-V, and the example I drove had no bad habits under heavy throttle in the rain (unlike C&D’s complaints). Makes me wonder if they were trying to get the Caddy bent out of shape.