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Super Stunner: Ferrari 458 Spider

Posted in European Rides, Ferrari, General, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | August 24th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Ferrari 458 Spider

I have to say that while I like convertibles, I don’t think that I’d ever actually go out and buy one. You see for me drop-tops are always a compromise. With the top down they’re wonderful and will provide you with some great open-air fun. Once that top goes up however it seems that everything changes. On some cars you loose structural integrity, on others you’re blown out of the cabin by interior wind noise, but perhaps my biggest complaint is the sacrifice you make in the styling department. Some manufacturers are better then others but most simply make a hash of it – that is, until now. This is the Ferrari 458 Spider and my God, if it isn’t the best looking drop-top I’ve ever seen. How they did it I simply don’t know, but Ferrari has managed to keep the lines of the 458 Italia intact by incorporating a seemingly perfect retractable hardtop. Ladies and gentlemen, the Italians should be patting themselves on the back because they hit this one right out of the Coliseum. Click through for the video.

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