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Super-coupe Mercedes-Benz test mule Spied in California?

Posted in Car Tech, Cars, Concept Cars, Design, Fast Cars, Mercedes Benz by will bee | August 8th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Mercedez Test Mule?

The hardworking spy-boys of KGP Photography and the writers of AutoBlog have captured some fantastic photos of what may be the new Mercedes-Benz/AMG super car. While little is known about the exact ingredients that make up this test mule, the suspicion is that this is the test car for Mercedes-Benz all aluminum space frame that they plan to have incorporated in much of their line-up by 2012.

 Mercedes-Benz test mule
From a rear view the test mule captured in the photos provided by AutoBlog have a lot in common with the Dodge Viper.  Maybe that was a final parting gift from Chrysler in their departure.
Resemblances aside everything involving this Mercedes-Benz test car is speculation at this point (unless you work for the company and want to share some spoilers). But it is these spoilers and anticipated designs that makes for a lot of excitement. It is the promise of things to come that keeps us all tuned in.
To get a better glimpse of the Merc-Mule head on over to AutoBlogand take it all in. While few of us will possess the funds necessary to grasp the wheel of what will be the final product of this test car that short-coming will not keep us from dreaming a little dream.


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