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Super Bowl Ads 2010: The Review.

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Super Bowl 2010

Well the game is over and the Saints pulled out a victory as another Super Bowl has fallen by the wayside. All through the game I was thinking, life is good, and I feel proud to be an American. There was pizza on the table, a Budweiser in my hand and a big block muscle car in the garage – man does that sound like an American stereotype, or what? Regardless, it was Super Bowl time and that meant only one thing… COMMERCIALS!!

Throughout the game we saw ads from Dodge, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Audi and Volkswagen. The big question is, were they any good? So with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of all the automobile ads that ran, so you, the readers can choose and pick your favorites.

Ad 1 – Hyundai Sonata

“Hyundai might just take over the world with this thing”, was the opening line in the first automobile ad by Hyundai. Now, that statement seems to be a little far fetched, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a really nice looking car. Consider that 15 years ago, Hyundai’s were somewhat laughable… not so any more eh. Nowadays Hyundai offers some of the best, most reliable vehicles on the road, with one of the biggest warranties in the industry. Not bad for a little car company from Korea.

Ad 2 – Hyundai Sonata

Yet another ad for the brand new Hyundai Sonata and I’ll tell ya’ something, this is a nice car. I think maybe making a comparison to Mozart and Schubert may be going a bit far though. With 200 HP and a hwy rating of 35 mpg though this is a car that people will be taking notice of.

Ad 3 – Bridgestone

Take one Cadillac Escalade, three stoner Dudes and a big killer whale in the bed. Then drive down a boardwalk at breakneck speed, hit the brakes, flip-a-bitch and literally free Willy. Yep, this was Bridgestone’s ad and I’ll tell ya’ something, in my opinion, it doesn’t hold a candle to last years ad. Check them both out below.



Ad 4 – Hyundai

In all probability Bret Farve will most likely still be playing ball in ten years and it’s refreshing to know that if you buy a Hyundai today, that in 2020, that warranty of your will still be kicking as well.

Ad 5 – Dodge Charger

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the ad that Dodge spent a few million bucks on. So, not only did they waste your money again, but the also spent a full minute telling the common man that he’s a total pussy. Hey Dodge, if you’re listening: CALL ME YOU DOUCHE BAGS! Let a real fan of the brand tell you what you should be doing…

Ad 6 – VW Punch

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the whole “Punch” thing apply only if you see a Bug? Aren’t you supposed to call out “PUNCH BUGGY” and then slug the guy next to you? It wasn’t a bad ad by any means; I just think VW’s information is a bit skewed.

Personally, I think this is the one they should have showed…

Ad 8 – Bridgestone

Man, this guy really likes his tires; I mean did you see the chick he kicked out of his car… BOOYA! If I were the Mad Max crew I’d be thinking I got a good deal… but then again, I’ve got Nitto’s on my car, so what do I know.

Ad 9 – Kia Sorrento

I actually really liked this ad. Who knows, maybe it just appealed to the kid in me, but I could see those little stuffed guys in the rear view mirror just thinking about all the fun they could have if given the chance.

Ad 10 – Honda Cross-Tour

Any time you add cool music and cute animals together you generally wind up with something that doesn’t suck – and this ad didn’t… suck, I mean. It wasn’t overly brilliant, nor was it something that I’ll remember by noon tomorrow, but, like I said, it didn’t suck.

Ad 11 – Audi Green Police

Man, Audi is REALLY pushing their clean diesels and with good measure, as they’re good cars. In fact I just did a road test review of the very car in the commercial, the Audi A3 TDI, you can read about it here. Check out the ad below and see what you think…

Ad 12 – Hyundai

Ah… the last and final ad of Super Bowl XLIV and yes, it’s another Hyundai. In the final chapter of this continuing saga, employees carry a brand new Sonata through the entire assembly plant in Montgomery, Alabama. Their reason is that Hyundai feels that if every one of their employees touches the car it makes the car “feel” like it was built by hand. Hmmm… don’t know about that one.

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