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Stunt Double Ben Collins Outs Himself as Top Gear’s “The Stig”

Posted in Car Stunts, Cars, Celebrity Cars, Newsworthy, Pop Culture, Scandal by Suzanne Denbow | January 19th, 2009 | 7 Responses |

Most likely in stark violation of the contractual terms of his employment with the BBC, British stunt driver Ben Collins has confirmed his secret identity as famously anonymous Top Gear driver, “The Stig.” According to reports, the 33-year-old veteran racer revealed his secret identity to an art gallery in Bristol when he enlisted the help of gallery owner, Simon Whitehead, in creating a special limited-edition print of The Stig.

Collins, an accomplished racer with numerous Formula Three, Le Mans, GT, and NASCAR competitions under his belt, has always denied previous allegations that he was The Stig – a deception necessary to maintain employment. Prior to Collins’ appearance on Top Gear as the White Stig, the role of Top Gear‘s mysterious stunt driver was played by the “original” Black Stig, Perry McCarthy. After McCarthy revealed his secret identity in his 2002 tell-all book, Flat Out, Flat Broke, the BBC “phased out” McCarthy during the 2003 season of Top Gear, replacing him with Collins.

Although neither the BBC nor Top Gear have issued any official statement regarding Collins’ recent break in ranks, the BBC’s notorious reputation for remaining tight-lipped regarding The Stig’s identity certainly does not bode well for Collins’ future with the show.

Source: The Telegraph

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7 Responses

  1. killboy.com says:

    Too bad…wonder who the next will be.

    I’ve always felt that “the” Stig could actually be multiple drivers, but in order to project the allusion of consistency in testing and squash the criticisms that would come from testing with multiple drivers, they imply that it is one “secret” driver.

  2. stoneone says:

    thats so sad,i wonder what colour of stig they’r gonna introduce

  3. george says:

    thats awsome!!!

  4. chris says:

    its Michael Schumacher

  5. Rod Evans says:

    I’am sure not going to lose any sleep over the BBC trying to convince the viewing public that Micheal Schumacher and a couple of washed up stiffs are the Stig.If thats what they want their viewers to think it’s fine with me that way I don’t violate my contract terms with the BBC and don’t lose my easy money gig as the Stig cause I was’nt the one who spilled the beans it was them……….Damn,and it was such a sweet gig too

  6. john smith says:

    you bastards, you have ruined one of the biggest secrets in television history. You have ruined the show for millions around the world and also you have taken away the gem that was the stigs “secret identity” and smashed it on the ground. Thanks telegraph, you and your soulless, heatless lives

  7. Why did he shave me off? says:

    Is the guy before me being serious?! :D

    The Stig was getting boring. Nah let me rephrase that, all the hoo haa about who he was/is was getting boring. Who cares who it is? I could care less if it’s Nigel Mansell’s long lost 1980’s moustache doing the driving.

    In fact thats who it was. It was Mansell’s moustache on the comeback trail.

    Happy now?