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Student models Transformer from Norton Commando.

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Norton Commando Transformer

Artistic talent and imagination are things that you either have or you don’t. Sure you can learn certain artistic skills, but in the end, if you can’t translate them into viewable pieces then they’re pretty much useless. I’ve always been jealous of those with artistic talent as it’s something I’ve always yearned to have, but simply don’t possess. What you are looking at here is a Norton Commando motorcycle that has been modeled into a transformer. It was imagined, created and then brought to life by an undergraduate student named Steve Twist. Taking 8 months from concept to completion, Mr. Twist did this project to obtain his BA in Computer Visualization and Animation at Bournemouth University over in the UK. Keep in mind, this was done for a Bachelors Degree, not a Masters or PHd. That means that this kid is what – 20 years old? Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me…

Source: Youtube.com

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