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Street Flood Inspires New Sport

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Urban Wake Boarding

No one can say for certain where inspiration comes from as it’s usually something that just creeps up on us. Sometimes it stems from something we see during our daily grind, other times it comes from conversations or our interaction with others. Yet other times inspiration may come from something as simple as a rain storm. Take these inventive young gentleman for example. As luck would have it a small suburban flood was able to give way to a new type of sport – urban wake boarding. Apparently all it takes is a small front drive hatchback, about 50-feet of tow line, 15-inches of water and a Dude that’s got some skills on a plank of fiberglass with a few footholds attached to it. Now while this may never be an Olympic sport, you can almost bet your ass that the X-Games will pick this up in no time flat. Click through for the video

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