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Street Concepts Hyundai Genesis To Appear Nude At SEMA 2009

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Well, while we might not be feeling the 80’s-tastic spirit of ecstasy sprawled across the front quarter panel, at least it’s not as ostentatious as some of the other vehicles SEMA is known for (oh yes Scion, we’re looking at you). Of course, this is but one of many possible angles at which the car can be photographed, so we fully expect our hopes to be dashed in a few weeks when the interior is revealed to feature platinum radio knobs and chrome Dom Pérignon dispenser…but we digress.

The one-off Hyundai Genesis sedan pictured above comes courtesy of the aftermarket aficionados at Street Concepts and will be on hand next week to help kick off the Carnival of Questionable Taste, alternatively known as the SEMA show, in Las Vegas. As is custom manufacturer tradition, the Street Concepts Genesis comes loaded with enough carbon fiber to outfit a modest F1 team, (relatively) discreet front and rear spoilers, and the obligatory murdered out rims. What really distinguishes it from the pack of other SEMA entrants, however, is not what is has but rather what it doesn’t. According to Street Concepts, the Genesis will be hitting the SEMA show floor partially naked this year where Street Concepts designer Courtney Mason will be finish the design live.

“Matching the sophisticated design of the Genesis sedan with the artistic ability of Courtney Mason and the show-car experience of Shawn Williams created a ‘dream team’ for SEMA,” said Michael Deitz, manager, Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “Inspired by the creative minds involved in the project, we decided to showcase the final design of the vehicle live on the showroom floor to involve the SEMA crowd in the experience.”

Source: Hyundai

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