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Still Think Racing Cars Is Easy?

Posted in Animation, Cool Stuff, Racing, Racing Coverage by Kurt Ernst | May 28th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Image: Audi

If you’re not a fan of motorsports, it’s easy to look at racing as something that takes more bravery than skill or fitness. After all, how hard can it be to keep the gas pedal to the mat while steering through corners? That doesn’t take much strength, does it? Audi team driver Alan McNish would beg to differ, and he explains some of the rigors of endurance racing in the animated short below, entitled “Eliminating Luck.” I’m not sure I’d call the 24 Hours of LeMans “the equivalent of an entire Formula 1 season in one day,” but that still doesn’t take away from how grueling the race is. When was the last time you spent three hours jogging, or did 176 pound leg presses continuously for the same amount of time? Does holding a nine pound weight in each hand for three hours sound fun? How about fighting three times your body weight? That’s what McNish will do, repeatedly, during his LeMans race. If you still think it’s easy, you’ve never raced cars.

Source: AudiChannel on YouTube, via Autoblog

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