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Still the Baddest Mofo on the Block: The Last Interceptor

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The Last Interceptor
*Image Credit: Inside Line

Thirty-three years ago; that’s when one of the most iconic movie cars in history first graced the big screen. It ran on nitro-methane, put down 600 hp to the rear wheels and had what is arguably the coolest Weiand blower ever to protrude through the front end of a car. Clad in black paint, with an evil front end and an exhaust note that would make your hair stand on end, it was, is and always will be the baddest movie car of all time. Oh, and the best part… it belonged to a cop. The Last Interceptor was the pride and joy of Max Rockatansky and the Main Force Patrol and even now, all these years later, I still can’t get enough of it.

Source: Youtube.com

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