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Start & Stop Technology Comes To Two Wheels

Posted in Emissions, Fuel-efficient, Honda, Scooters by Kurt Ernst | August 27th, 2010 | 11 Responses |

In case you haven’t been following the development of fuel saving, emission reducing features on upcoming cars, one such measure is “Start & Stop” technology. The details vary by manufacturer, but the premise is simple: when the vehicle is left idling for a period of time longer than a few seconds, the motor shuts down and goes into an ‘instant-start’ mode. When the accelerator is pressed, the motor re-fires and the car can be driven as normal, all within about a half second. In automobiles, this feature can yield a noticeable increase in fuel mileage and a significant decrease in tailpipe emissions.

Since someone had to be first to adapt the new technology to two wheels, Honda has unveiled the first scooter with start & stop technology for sale within the EU. Two Wheels tells us that the 2011 PCX125 utiilizes a start & stop system that shuts the motor off after three seconds of operation at idle. The scooter then enters a “stand by” mode, until the rider rolls on the throttle and normal operation is resumed. Since a scooter doesn’t use nearly as much fuel as a car, potential mileage gains are only five percent.

If you’re like me, you probably think that a bike that shuts down at traffic lights is a rear-end-collision waiting to happen. Not only do I keep my bike running at traffic lights, but I keep it in gear with my eyes frequently scanning the mirrors for traffic behind me. I almost got punted at a traffic light once, years ago, and it was enough to hard code the message in my brain. No worries, safety conscious scooter fans; the PCX125 allows the rider to opt out of the start & stop mode if they prefer. I salute Honda for this, since there are few things I hate more than having the latest technology, proven or not, rammed down my throat.

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11 Responses

  1. DaveMofo says:

    Heh. “Tail pipe emissions”, “rammed down your throat”. Heh heh.

  2. Kurt says:

    Lemme guess – you’re girlfriend’s out of town this weekend, isn’t she…

  3. DaveMofo says:

    Yup. home from Russia on Sunday, been gone for a week and a half. How’d ya know?

  4. Kurt says:

    You’re laughing at ‘tail pipe emissions’ and ‘rammed down your throat’. If that isn’t a sign of someone who needs their ashes hauled, I don’t know what is…

  5. DaveMofo says:

    OMG I can’t wait for her to get back.

  6. DaveMofo says:

    But then again, I do have the mindset of a 13 yr. old.

  7. Kurt says:

    Every guys does, but not everyone admits it. I’ll be sure to post boring shit on Sunday so you don’t miss anything…

  8. DaveMofo says:

    YES! And THAT is one of the reasons this site rules.

  9. Kurt says:

    See? You just don’t get this kind of personalized attention on Jalopnik, do ya’?

  10. DaveMofo says:

    NOPE. I don’t even bother commenting there.

  11. Set says:

    Hey, Dave’s within keeping of the title. Ride Lust. He’s just deleting the ride part for a bit.