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Start Christmas Shopping NOW: Neiman Marcus Lexus IS-F… $68,000

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Have $68,000? Spend it on the Nieman Marcus Lexus IS-F

What says Christmas more than a Neiman Marcus Special Edition Lexus IS-F? There is no way that Tennis Bracelet with all those diamonds nor that very manly pink dress shirt compares to this very special Christmas item to be found in this years Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. Four-Hundred Horses will outperform that 4 Caret bracelet any day. For $68,000 you get your very own, 1 of 50, special edition IS-F dressed in black with a bold “F” stitched into the seats headrest to remind you that You-Are-Fast! …AND Special (even if that does not start with an “F”.).

Further specialty nuances include a black interior with white accented stitching, a unique steering wheel that also includes white leather accents, and sequentially numbered special edition badging. Also included in your purchase is a half-day of personalized training at the Skip Barber Racing School, which nearly all buyers of the Lexus IS-F will need inorder to contain all those horses on the road.

Last years specialty car in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog was the BMW M6 Convertible, but BMW’s are soooo last year they say. The Lexus IS-F with its 400-hp V8 just purrs of the now and Neiman Marcus is not the only one saying it. Well… technically the other person saying it would be me and a few other car crazies. However with a zero-to-sixty in 4.9 seconds the Lexus IS-F is no ordinary sedan. It is a super smoking sedan that can peel rubber and pin you to the back of your seat as you race off to your local Neiman Marcus to buy a very fashionable driving outfit and some matching racing pearls.

Below is the official press release:

Lexus creates the Neiman Marcus IS F Special Build Sedan for Neiman Marcus’ 2007 Christmas Book

TORRANCE, Calif. (Oct. 2, 2007) – The holidays are right around the corner and what better way to ring them in than with the ultimate holiday gift? The Neiman Marcus 2008 Lexus IS F Special Build Sedan debuts as this year’s fantasy car in the renowned Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, the upscale retailer’s wish book featuring the most luxurious gifts for the holidays.

The IS F is the fastest production car Lexus has ever built…so fast that the Neiman Marcus Special Build Sedan includes a personalized half-day of pro-driver training compliments of the Skip Barber Racing School. Owners will have the chance to take the high-performance vehicle to the limit – learning real racing skills and experiencing what the IS F can do on and off the road.

Delivering more than 400 horsepower from its 5.0-liter V8, the IS F can go from 0 to 60 in under 4.9 seconds. It has the world’s first eight-speed Sport Direct Shift gearbox and a specially engineered Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system featuring a high-performance sport mode. If the heart-pounding power and speed aren’t enough, the Mark Levinson® state-of-the-art CD/DVD Premium Surround Sound Audio System with navigation and Bluetooth® technology will surely get the blood pumping.

Only 50 Neiman Marcus IS F special build sedans will be made. These limited edition vehicles will be among the very first IS Fs off the line and have an exclusive interior design of high-style black with white accent stitching. Each will feature a unique steering wheel with white leather accents, front headrests embossed with an F logo, hand-polished finish on the wheels and a sequentially numbered Special Build badge.

To place orders, customers may call toll free 1.888.747.4504, beginning at noon EDT on Oct. 18, 2007. This Neiman Marcus edition is offered exclusively in the Christmas Book.

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