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Staged Rally held in Chicago against CAFE increases involving UAW workers

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Design, Diesel, Electric Cars, Emissions, Hybrid, Legal, Materials by will bee | August 16th, 2007 | 1 Response |

UAW - CAFE Protests in ChicagoA rally was staged in Chicago today in opposition of the fuel bill that has passed the Senate. To form the protest UAW members from Chrysler and Ford assembly plants around the Chicago area were bused in to make their voices heard. Their theme for the rally was to urge Congress to “Save Their Jobs.” The fear among the American auto industry is that the Big 3 will not be able to meet the CAFE increases in time and will be forced to… what?

What would be the true likelihood that the Big 3 would merely close up shop in the face of the increased fuel mileage standards? These same protests were performed in 1991 as the first fuel mileage bill was in the works. Amazing how they managed to reach that goal while a new goal seems so daunting or impossible. I wonder what the protests were like when the Federal Governments made seat belts mandatory in automobiles.

There was once a time in a Capitalist Society where real competition would result in product improvements. Instead what we have is a system where complacence and just doing “enough” to keep up with the local competition is just enough. Innovation and improvement should be the natural course of production and not something that is mandated by law or driven into existence by staged rallies. Or is that too niave a notion?

If you want to learn more about the Chicago Rally head on over to the DetroitNews for complete coverage. If you want an opinion on the CAFE legislation study the past, check your facts and think for yourself. Do not allow the Government or the “mob” to tell you what to think.
Okay. I am done ranting.

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  1. Gregs V says:

    I think that we still live in a capitalist society and one where consumer demand is still the driving force on these types of technology – not a bunch of Washington bureaucrats. Additionally, I do some work with the Auto Alliance, but I bet these UAW workers know a bit more about how CAFE standards will effect their jobs than we do. The auto industry has been hit by some hard times recently and adding standards that unfairly target truck, SUV, and other larger vehicle manufacturers doesn’t sound like the best solution to me. Also, are you calling the UAW the “mob” or someone else?