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Spyker To Sell Luxury Sports Car Business

Posted in auto industry, Luxury Cars, News, Saab, Spyker by Kurt Ernst | February 24th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Autoblog reports that boutique supercar builder Spyker is in dialogue to sell their luxury sports car business to an English coachbuilder based in Coventry. Per a memorandum of understanding between the two companies, CPP Global Holdings will buy the Spyker luxury sports car business (which includes the C8 Aileron and “all future models”) for 32 million Euros, the bulk of which is to be paid over the next six years. The sale does not include Saab, which was purchased by Spyker last year, and both parties see the MOU as having substantial long term benefits.

CPP has produced chassis and body panels for Spyker since 2000, and signed an agreement with the Dutch company in 2009 to build complete C8 Aileron models. CPP’s Coventry plant has already been expanded to produce the Spyker vehicles, and they employ some 250 designers, technicians and skilled workers. The company is in an excellent position to build the C8, as well as to expand the product range and grow Spyker’s product portfolio. The Dutch Spyker, meanwhile, is now free to focus on restoring Saab to financial health. New Saabs in the pipeline may be enough to bring Saabophiles back to dealerships, which have been among the loneliest places in the automotive world in recent years.

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