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Spyker Offers Extremely Rare LM85 Sports Car

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Slightly oddball and definitely unique Dutch automaker Spyker is offering a select few the opportunity to own one of 24 C8 Laviolette LM85 vehicles that are meant to mimic Spyker’s GT2 racing team. Interestingly, the seemingly gaudy paint scheme enhances the model’s otherwise over-the-top turbine-theme exterior that is the defining stylistic element. Pictures and details below.


Looking like the cross-bred offspring between an Aston Martin or Jaguar and a jet, the LM85 is a highly exclusive version of the already small production hand-built C8 Laviolette. The name, “LM85″ is in reference to the starting number of the race team that has competed at Le Mans since 2002.


One of the first things that crosses our mind when we such unique niche vehicles is the question of whether the vehicle’s performance, and more importantly, durability is worth the huge price tag. In the case of Spyker, they put that skepticism to rest by putting a bullet-proof power plant from Audi into their mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seat sports car. Not a bad choice. Particularly when looking towards Le Mans endurance and success for inspiration, you could not do much better than an Audi-sourced engine. For the LM85 that comes in the form of an all-aluminium 4.2 Litre V8 engine that produces an even 400 horsepower. Coupled with a manual six-speed Getrag transmission and optional Drexler limited slip differential, the LM85 and its lightweight all aluminium body achieves a top speed of 187 miles and can hit 60 mph from zero in 4 1/2 seconds. For the less adventurous, the LM85 also comes with a switchable traction control system and ABS.


Other tip o’ the hat racing features unique to the LM85 include a distictive Burnt Almond Orange with Gun Metal paint scheme, carbon fiber rear spoiler, black powder coated alloy wheels and black AP Racing 6 piston brake calipers with AP Racing logo.


Despited the increased width of the LM85, this does not negate the typical Spyker-esque aesthetics that are found throughout their entire lineup. Most notably, the unusual exposed shifter mechanism, stylized turned aluminum dash, electrically operated single-hinge tilting doors, exterior air inlets and quilted Connolly leather seats complete with the Spyker Logo on the head rests.


For the monetarily-blessed, the rare LM85 is sold in one of the dozen or so Spyker dealerships here in the U.S., flaunting a sale price in the $250,000 range.

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