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Spyker Chairman Alexander Antonov Survives Assassination Attempt

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In what is being reported as an assassination attempt, Russian banker and Spyker Cars N.V. owner Alexander Antonov has suffered a severe wounds after sustaining several gunshots to the stomach. According to reports, investigators believe the assassination attempt was related to Antonov’s business dealings, although no details to support why they believe this to be true were provided. Although Antonov’s injuries have been described as “non life-threatening,” an account of the incident reveals that Antonov was riddled with a total of 18 bullets, one of which caused enough damage to remove a finger.

Antonov’s security guard was also wounded in the attack, suffering several gunshot wounds to the leg, and both Antonov and his body guard are currently receiving treatment in an intensive care unit (which in Russia just means they give you a shot of 80-proof before they amputate).

Source: Reuters, Autocar via AutoBlog

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