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Spyker Aeroblade

Posted in Café Racers, EcoLust, Spyker by Dustin Driver | September 30th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Aero-fabulous Dutch car crafters Spyker have focused their engineering expertise and supreme metallurgical aesthetics on bicycles. This is the result. The Spyker Aeroblade bike has a titanium frame and aluminum glass fiber coated carbon composite wheels and fenders. Its sumptuous leather seat and grips are made by Royal Dutch Tanners Hulshof. Gearing is handled by a 14-speed Rohloff internal gear hub. Formula disc brakes round out the package. It is the most obsessively designed and executed bicycle I’ve ever laid eyes upon. And I adore it. Spyker’s unyielding attention to detail and adherence to aeronautical cues make my soul soar like a biplane. Only 50 Aeroblades will be made. Cost: $15,000.

Source: CycleEXIF

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