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Spy Photos: Do they really peak your interest?

Posted in Best of, BMW, European Rides, General, Lamborghini, News, Rides, Spy Shots by MrAngry | April 18th, 2011 | 5 Responses |

BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Spy photos are an integral part of the automotive industry. Some come from legitimate sources, while others are simply released by the manufacturers to peak pique a little interest by the consumer. My question though is, do these little snippets of a fender here and a headlight there really do anything to peak your interest? Take for example the recent release of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, a car that BMW trickled down to us for the better part of 8 months. Every now and then we’d get another little spy photo and while the first one did in fact peak my interest, those that followed simply aggravated me to the point where I just waited for the full car to be revealed. Lamborghini also played the spy photo game with their new Murcielago replacement, the Aventador. I understand the “why” behind the spy photos, but as consumers I’m curious to know how you guys feel about them?

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5 Responses

  1. Doesn’t peak my interest; especially the ones all covered up with weird swirls like BMW does; if anything it distracts me. I am not creative enough to imagine the car in its splendor without the swirls; I just see the swirls.

  2. PFULMTL says:

    How about the ones where they tape black cardboard with what looks like electrical tape all over it. Why I could gain so much looks by doing that to my current car.

    Either way, I really don’t care.

  3. Canrith says:

    It just aggravates me. Before I even think about buying a car, I think long and hard about what it looks like and how it will age.

  4. J D Stadler says:

    Lame. I can understand when it’s BRAND NEW concept type of thing but not for 8 months and in some cases (cough, FT-86), years on end.

  5. crispy says:

    Agree with JD. If it’s a much anticipated new model i.e. Nissan GT-R a couple years ago, Evo VIII before it came to the states, Nissan 350Z in ’02, C6 Corvette, etc.; then spy photos are intriguing. Otherwise no real interest.

    Not to be a spelling/grammar geek, but I think you meant pique our interest vs peak.