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SPY HUNTER Announcement Trailer

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Spy Hunter Video Game

You’ve probably never heard of Peter Gunn, the television series that ran from 1958-1961. It followed the adventures of a cool-ass private detective who was constantly on the hunt for adventure. Now while you may not know the show, you definitely know its theme song. Written by Henry Mancini, the Peter Gunn theme was revisited in the early 1980’s when it appeared as the theme for one of the greatest video arcade games ever in the form of “Spy Hunter”. The game pitted you (the Driver) in the seat of the world’s greatest spy car (the Interceptor) in an on road battle that would have had Mad Max calling for his Momma. It’s now 30 years later and a new version of the game is set to be released. The Interceptor is back, the action is back, and you guessed it, that same bad-ass music is back as well.

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