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Speed Racer Casting taps the F&M Antas V8 GT for Movie Role

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FandMVantasV8-4.jpg picture by willfusion

Many movie goers will have another first when they go to the Wachowski Brothers adaptation of Speed Racer on the big screen. For many it will be their first glimpse of the Faralli & Mazzanti Antas V8 GT. The coach built car was introduced in 2006 in Monaco, but has gleemed quietly in mild obscurity until this time. So we will have to see how a taste of the limelight effects the Antas.

The F&M Antas V8 GT takes from the classic roadster/coupe designs of the Roaring 30’s in ways much like the Wiesmann GT and the Morgan Aero 8 (which also draws inspiration from the Morgan line of roadsters). After studying the Antas V8 GT many angles it is difficult to get a bead on and its many lines make it hard to draw a conclusion about whether we like it or not.
Being a fan of the classic roadster style the first impression of the F&M Antas V8 GT is a “yes, I think I like it.” However, then you scan over such things as the rear wing, the various and obscure window designs, and the molding space required to allow for the two rear seats inside. In some ways the Antas V8 can be a tough blue pill to swallow.
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How the F&M Antas V8 GT will be used in the Speed Racer is not known yet. Like the Tesla in the Iron Man Super Bowl commercial it could just be a backdrop in a short scene. We are certain the F&M Antas V8 GT is just happy to spend time with its co-stars in the big CGI movie, such as Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Christina Ricci and the Mach 5.



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