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Specter Werkes Corvette GTR Package: Unnatural Male Enhancement

Posted in car modifications, Chevrolet, Corvette, Custom, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars, Horsepower, New Cars, Popular Cars by Alex Kierstein | June 25th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

specter corvette 1

“Why is this guy smiling? Because he’s enhanced for speed, handling, and comfort – with a Specter Werkes GTR!” Or so their marketing jingle might go. (Plus, this supplement would work for the ladies as well.) The Troy, Michigan based outfit has tweaked their already sweet styling and performance package for the C6 Corvette with an extra 80 HP, courtesy of a new cam profile. How does 615 HP and 578 ft-lbs of torque sound to you? Probably pretty radical through that serious-looking Corsa exhaust, actually. It should be noted that some of this power is also extracted by stroking the LS3 to 6.8 liters.

specter corvette 2

Plus the styling mods actually work, for the most part. The hooded tail looks sort of like a bosozoku sharknose …

sharknose 1

… but it looks cool on the C6. Plus 19/20″ staggered wheels, “liquid silver” AMG paint, some fancy interior crap that your date will care about … it’s a total package. We love it. This is definitely one of the best looking aftermarket ‘Vettes seen in a while.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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