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Spectacular 1970 Ford 4×4 Farm Truck

Posted in 4x4, Car Photography, Cool Stuff, Electric Vehicles, Ford, Off-Roading, Pictures, Toys by Kurt Ernst | May 24th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Sure. it’s seen better days and the tinworm has attacked the body in a few places, but overall, this Ford F100 Bumpside is a work of art. Why? Because it’s actually a four wheel drive R/C model. Details on the build can be found here, but my hat is off to anyone with that kind of vision, patience and artistic ability.

The frame originally came out of a kit, but didn’t give the builder the realistic look he wanted. The kit frame was scrapped and the builder scratch-built a steel frame from channel stock. It looks like he experimented with suspension setup quite a bit, before finally opting for hand built leaf springs in the rear. The truck even has a driver; it’s Old Monty from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Found on Hemmings Blog

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One Response

  1. aaron says:

    This guy has some great photography of this truck in action.