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Specs for the UK’s BMW 1-Series Coupe Swarm the Internet

Posted in BMW, Cars by will bee | June 28th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

While word of the impending release of the BMW 1-Series Coupe seemed to be clamored about in the blogasphere I remained rather mum on the topic. It seemed to be just another BMW at the time, but with an attempt to reach another class of driver: those that can’t afford a 3-Series. However, now that they have released some numbers for the version of the 1-Series being released in the UK there are some specs that have grabbed my attention.


The BMW 1-Series in the UK will be released in November with 3 different engine types: 120d, 123d, and 135i. That makes for 2 models with diesel engines and one gasoline. But that is no ordinary gasoline engine as it will be pumping out 306-hp in this lighter 1-Series package. And those Diesel models are not the sputtering diesels from the days of old, but all new aluminum, turbo-charged diesel that is not lacking in punch (numbers wise). The 120d is the fuel miser of the 3 yet still wields 177-hp beneath the bonnet. While the 123d rounds out at 204-hp and still looks to average a combined fuel mileage of 44mpg. Now those are some numbers worthy of excitement.
Ofcourse then the real question is whether or not these are the same cars that will be filtering into the US any time soon? Will they be sending across the pond some watered-down disappointments? Why don’t they do us all a favor and just send over what they have the the UK? …I will learn to shift with my left.

Check out the BMW official website for more on the 1-Series and check out Jalopnik for some of the official press release.

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