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Sound Of Noise – Music For One Highway

Posted in Best of, Dodge, General, Music, Rants & Raves, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | October 10th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Sound of Noise

To some of us the sound of a well tuned engine emitting from the tailpipes is simply music. The low rumbles of a big block V8 have the ability to make anyone feel like a bad-ass, whereas the high revving sounds of an Italian exotic have the ability to transport you into the seat of a Formula One car. Now while some engines are better than others, I would have never thought to utilize the raspy revs of a mid-1990’s V6 powered Dodge cargo van. Yes it’s distinct and yes it fits in with this music video, but in hindsight I think the sounds of that Italian exotic we spoke about earlier would have been a better fit. That’s just my .02ยข though…

Source: RalfBecker.com

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One Response

  1. Sanford says:

    lol genius