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You’re Doing it Wrong: Sometimes Speed Hurts

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Boater Fail

You may not believe this, but before I was into cars I was actually a pretty avid boater. In fact I used to own a small 18-footer aptly named “The Spicy Meatball”. It was powered by a 88-hp Evinrude engine which meant a top speed of about 35 knots. Not bad for back in the day, but slow when compared to today’s modern runabouts. Before ever stepping on a boat though I took multiple boater safety courses that helped prepare me for a life on the water. They teach you things like seamanship, rules of the water and so fourth, and when used properly generally ensure that you’ll have a great experience. The problem with most boaters though is that they never really take the time to learn about boats, how to operate them properly and more importantly, how to care for the safety of their passengers. You can see a perfect example of this after the jump.

Source: Youtube.com

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2 Responses

  1. Ben T. says:

    Hmmm… 7 of them on the boat and 3 were left standing. I’m not sure about the other two in the back, but the driver and the lady in pink is, in no doubt, down for the count… real bad. I would’ve just sat down or crouched to keep my center of gravity low when it started, but apparently they just had to be standing. Is it wrong for me to watch the video over and over again to watch the epic knockouts?

    • Ben T. says:

      I just noticed that the lady in pink’s face was saved by the lady in green’s ass… then bounced to the rail to the side. So imagine that, her face was saved by an ass. ;) EPIC!