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Solar Powered Geo Metro – Boise Idaho

Posted in Alt Fuels, Solar Cars by Ryan | May 19th, 2008 | 6 Responses |

solar powered sun car

According to this story from a local TV station, John Weber from Boise, Idaho gets around in a custom built, solar powered Geo Metro.

As to why he built the solar powered car, Weber says:

I don’t like to be dependent on big global corporations to get my needs met, I like to get my needs met locally.

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6 Responses

  1. indnajns says:

    Can someone give details of how this guy managed this? How did he avoid the solar “wings” or the pull behind trailer full of solar panels that the experimentals always seem to require? A geo metro doesn’t have that much square area for solar collection. Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. jordan says:

    Did you read the article?

    It’s a Ford Festiva.

  3. indnajns says:

    Yes, I read the article. I’m not big on models. The blurb above says Geo Metro. Metro/Festiva, same sort of model car – small. The fact that it’s a Ford vs Geo doesn’t answer the question. HOW did he do this? Everything I’ve ever read says Solar cells aren’t far enough along to pull this off. Does he only get to drive 5 mph? He does talk about driving a family around on a bike if he ever gets one. Maybe he doesn’t mind below useful speeds. It supposedly was in some “green technology” show but I still can’t find any better information than this basic story. Any ideas anyone?

  4. thwackugh says:

    the report did say that the car could also be plugged in…maybe that’s the boost that’s needed

  5. Bob in Boise says:

    John’s car will only go a few miles a day (3 or 4) if using the roof mounted cells only.

    The reason he is selling it is because he fully understands ‘Peak Oil’ and its implications. It won’t matter if you come up with a nuclear powered car, the roads are going to fall apart soon and there is nothing that can be done about that in a high cost energy environment.


  6. John Weber says:

    I would like to get hold of John Weber preferably via email. That is also my name and I lived off the grid for 30 years from 1974 to 2004. At my new home I have a 3kWh grid tie system with a greenhouse attached. I am also developing an organic orchard and truck farm that will eventually by off the grid. I think it would be fun to connect with him.