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Solar Car Distance Record Set By ‘The Power Of One’

Posted in Electric Cars, Newsworthy, Road Trips, Roads, Science, Solar Cars by Vito Rispo | November 6th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Toronto native Marcelo da Luz pulled in to Victoria today, after completing a 9,400 mile trip across Canada in his solar car. His 140 day journey beat the previous Guiness record holders (set in 2004) by 50 miles. Although his record hasn’t yet been recognized by Guiness, da Luz says he’s planning to continue traveling as long as he can afford to do so.

“I can only go for as long as I have support,” he says. “It’s a mix between Forrest Gump and Field of Dreams — if you build it they will come and life is like a box chocolates.”

Da Luz started in Toronto and passed through 44 cities and across Canada twice. His car, called the “Power of One” or Xof1, is a single-seat solar vehicle that cost $500,000 dollars to build. The vehicle cost about half a million dollars to build, can travel 124 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of about 75 mph.

Surprisingly, Da Luz said he built his vehicle independently, without any corporate sponsorship, in order to show how one person can make a difference in helping the environment.

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  1. Brian Cole says:

    That older unofficial record, set over a 40-day stretch in August and September of 2004, has been more than doubled by xof1, which as of mid-July 2009 has reached the 400th day of its journey..