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Sneak Peek at Hyundai’s new coupe without its disguise

Posted in Concept Cars, Design, Hyundai by will bee | November 8th, 2007 | 1 Response |

2009hyundaicoupe.jpg picture by willfusion

Hyundai’s heavily anticipated Genesis Coupe concept was caught at a promotional junket fully exposed and beneath the lights. The balcony view managed by the mystery photographer gives us the first glimpse of what Hyundai is scheduled to unveil at next months LA Auto Show. The replacement for the Tiburon shares a bit of its predecessor features, enough to maybe say they are siblings, but the design of the Genesis appears more prepared to take on the other cars on the market.

Improving their chances to compete, more than even the rear-wheel drive feature, will be the two engine packages that have been discussed for Hyundai’s new coupe. The first engine is expected to be the 2.0L turbo with its 215-hp and 217 ft lb of torque and will get the coupe started at a very pleasing $19,900 price tag. The second engine option looks to be the 3.8L V6 that puts out 300-hp and 280 ft lb of torque at the higher price of $25,990. Talk of Hyundai putting in their new flagship engine, the “Tau” V8, may be a bit ambitious but with Hyundai on the move it would not be completely unthinkable.

2009hyundaicoupeandrival.jpg picture by willfusion

In recent years the Ford Mustang has been touting itself as the only sub-$30k car putting out 300 horses. With the Mustang GT pushing over the $30k mark now and the looming entry of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with equal horses at under $26k it looks like Hyundai might be taking on a competitive edge. Are the looks and proposed horsepower of the new Coupe enough to lure Pony fans away with its cheaper price? Until we have seen the rest of the car and some serious tests in the Genesis Coupe it is a little early to say… but we can still speculate.

What do you think of what you see now of the new Genesis Coupe from Hyundai? Does knowing that it would come with Hyundai’s unparalleled warranty package sway you at all?


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One Response

  1. Ian says:

    Wow, american cars … well the top end sports cars are nice, but the rest… Pullleeasse. Hyundai… … I WANT one!! the price is awsome!… I hope that since the Canadian dollar is almost even with the U/S. dollar that the price will be the same in Canada… If hyundai does that… they will have a big winner on thier hands… I’m gonna get the car repainted to two-tone… it need a more racing paint job, the hood, bumber etc.