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Snake Road Concept: The Future of Motorcycling?

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Snake Road Motorcycle Concept

I remember back in 1985 when Honda came out with their VF1000R; a venerable race bike for the street. It was powered by a 120 hp V4, had a two-piece steel trellis frame, 16-inch Comcast wheels, air-shock and quick release front hub. People, back then this was the King Schwing of motorcycles. After that bike was released manufacturers began producing full on race replicas for the street, a trend that continues to this day. Then a few years later in 1988 an animated movie called Akira came out. It was set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Japan where the streets were ruled by biker gangs. I bring this up because the main character, Akira road a motorcycle that, believe it or not, didn’t look to much different from the one you see here.

Snake Road Motorcycle Concept

Snake Road Motorcycle Concept

Called the “Snake Road”, this concept bike was designed by French designer Bruno Delussu and was penned from thoughts stemming from the Imperial Speeder bike from George Lucas’s, Return of the Jedi. The Snake Road concept combines sleek futuristic lines with visual queues that appeal to all riders. Body panels would be shaped from composites such as fiberglass and or carbon fiber, and power would come from a traditional internal combustion engine to give the bike a true sporty rumble. As of right now the Snake Road is just an imaginary concept from the mind of a Delussu, but there’s no denying that just looking at it makes one stop and think about where the future of the hobby could be headed.

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