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Smoking Hot Transformers Star Megan Fox Spied In Black Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG

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Thrust [snort] into the spotlight recently over her racy tell-all and steamy pictures featured in the October 2008 issue of GQ magazine, bad girl Megan Fox earned a spot in RideLust’s headlines after being photographed motoring around West Hollywood in a murdered-out Mercedes CLS55 AMG. “That’s old news,” you say, “Britney Spears drives one too,” you say – to which I politely and professionally respond: kiss off.

Any excuse to check out Megan Fox without appearing inappropriately attentive is a worthy one, so enjoy.

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A relative newcomer to the scene, Megan Fox first challenged Penelope Cruze’s title as my brunette celebrity crush the very first time I saw the Transformers movie. Although obviously not scripted by any poet laureates, my Fox-fandom was cemented during the hottest verbal exchange of the entire movie.

After popping Bumblebee’s hood [snicker], Mikalea [Fox] inspects the engine and cooly observes, “You got a high rise double pump carburetor. That’s…that’s pretty impressive Sam.” Every ounce the player, Sam [Shia LaBeouf] smoothly replies, “Double pump?”

“It squirts the fuel in so you can go faster,” Mikaela patiently explains.

“Oh…I like to go faster.”

Did that not scorch your eyeballs right out of your head? No? It was just me? Ok, so maybe my selection was a little biased, I admit I have a certain soft spot for girls who know their cars. So even if your Transformers viewing experience required exercising the self-control of Jenny Craig to prevent you from walking out in the face of the excruciatingly lacking dialogue, everybody can appreciate a good ol’ fashioned ogling every once in a while, right?

Want more? Go here for a a full gallery of hot Megan Fox pictures.

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    Megan Fox said of being a popular media topic that, though she is not on the same level as Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, or Lindsay Lohan, she does find it difficult and that there have been times when people have avoided being around her because they do not want to end up in the media’s spotlight. “I need to behave in a way and handle myself in a way that will cause people to take me seriously,” .