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Smokin’ VW’s in Super Slow Mo’!

Posted in Burnouts, Racing, Videos, Volkswagen by MrAngry | September 3rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

The burnout. It’s one of the greatest things a person can do with an automobile. It looks great, it’s liberating and it’s a downright blast if you do it right. Some people think that burnouts are reserved for big block muscle cars making 500 plus horsepower, but in today’s day and age that is simply not the case. Hell, most guys will try a burnout with anything as long as it has an engine attached to it. One manufacturer that is NOT known for being able to smoke the hides is VW. Take an old VW Beetle for example, those babies came stock with around 44 hp and had trouble making it through a stiff headwind. However with the right amount of tuning and a few little engine mods, the little buggers can be made to run with the biggest and baddest out there. The above video was made in 2008 at the Scandinavian Cal-look Classic in Norway and shows all host of VW’s smoking the hides in super slow motion. It’s a long video and something that is definitely worth the watch, so now just sit back, hit play and enjoy a little smoke before a long holiday weekend.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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