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Smart gets the Brabus treatment

Posted in Auto Show, General by davidallen | February 23rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Smart the car that you either love or hate, has had quite a few face lifts since its conception, but the latest has to be the ultimate face lift by the ultimate car face lift company Brabus.


Expected at the forth coming Geneva Motor Show, Brabus will be taking along the two versions of the Smart Fortwo, the Fortwo Brabus and Fortwo Brabus Xclusive. As you would expect this is not just a cosmetic upgrade when Brabus work on a car they really go to town.

The engine will deliver 98 brake horse power from the three cylinders, which is 103 ft-lbs of torque, this is the absolute maximum for the engine, so with the accelerator down the floor, the engine will be revving at 5500 rpm, these figures do not sound that impressive, but when you consider that this is a small car which weighs in at only 1700 lbs, then the figures take on a whole new perspective. To complete the sports package the exhaust has been upgraded to a sports system, along with the suspension, front spoiler, side skirts, tinted headlights, wheels and fog lights which completes the package for mechanical and exterior work.


Inside the cars are getting the Brabus treatment too, with gear knob, pedals, hand brake handle, heated seats, and new design three spoke steering wheel that comes with gear changing paddle shifters, and one major change, the Smart Fortwos as with the other cars in the range are always two tone, but with the Brabus special editions come in just two colors, all black or all silver.

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