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Smart For Two goes electric

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Mercedes Benz by davidallen | August 6th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

It’s a surprise that this has not been done before, because the Smart cars are actually a perfect partner for an electrical power plant and even a hybrid system.

smart fortwo

Smart cars may not use a great deal of fuel at the moment, but still the need to get to the perfect zero emissions, is the ultimate green goal. Smart would use a 41 bhp electric motor, which is going to probably take the car up to around 70 mph, which is great, after all this is no racing car!

What is great is the fact the car will take eight hours to fully charge, obviously this could be over night and at work for the return trip, and it will only cost $3 in electricity charges. On a full charge the car is estimated to have around a seventy mile range, but his would depend on circumstances, like road conditions, traffic and terrain etc. But seventy miles is a pretty good range on one charge.

smart fortwo

As for acceleration the will travel from zero to sixty in around twenty seconds, which for an eco friendly car is good enough, if the potential new owners of these cars wanted to go faster and have performance style accelerations then maybe an electric Smart is not for them, perhaps they should be looking at Tesla!

Source [Left Lane News]

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