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Smart E-Scooter Concept to Debut at Paris Motor Show.

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Smart E-Scooter

Now this is something that makes sense. Smart, the maker of the itty bitty ForTwo micro-car is now said to be delving into the world of two wheels with the upcoming E-Scooter concept. The E-Scooter is said to be powered by a lithium-ion battery that will give the little scoot a range of up to 62 zero-emission miles, while at the same time providing its riders with some new innovative safety features. The E-Scooter was developed with some help from Mercedes-Benz, and with an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel and zero emissions, the E-Scooter (if made into a production ride) will most likely become a favorite amongst those in urban environments.

Smart E-Scooter

A senior Mercedes-Benz official stated that: “Smart was originally established to tackle the need for improved mobility, especially in congested city environments. Up to now we have concentrated our efforts on four-wheel solutions. The next stage is to look at how to expand beyond this with other environmentally friendly vehicles,”

Keep in mind that this in no way means that Smart will cease production of the ForTwo, but since Smart’s sales figures are currently in a major slump it may not be such a bad idea for the company to branch out and find new ways of generating some revenue.

Source: AutoWeek.com

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