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Smart Car Owners Wise Up, Realize How Fruity They Look


File this under: “It Was Bound To Happen Eventually.”

According to recent reports, panicked consumers who hastily flocked to smart car dealerships in an attempt to escape crushing fuel prices are beginning to come to their senses. With gas hovering back around the manageable $2 mark, there’s no longer any socially acceptable reason to be seen driving a smart car. As aesthetically appealing and crush-proof as a can of tuna fish, sales of the $12,000, 8′ x 8″ smart car spiked last summer when gas prices rose to nearly $5 a gallon. Now, however, many consumers have realized that a combined fuel-consumption average of 36 mpg is not an acceptable excuse for driving perhaps one of the gayest vehicles ever to be engineered in modern history. Thanks to smart’s progressive system that relies almost entirely on individual online ordering as well as the company’s policy to refund 100% of the $99 initial down payment, many customers have simply abandoned their smart plans and left dealers with a significant overstock.

While smart assures that sales have not spiraled completely, on average, dealers only managed to move 1,415 cars during the month of February, a noticeably smaller number than the 2,400 unit-average seen during spring/summer 2008. Total, smart estimates that there are roughly 30,000 customers who shelled out $99 for the down payment but have since lost interest.

Source: USAToday

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6 Responses

  1. Sofar says:

    Smart cars only get 36 miles per gallon? My mum’s Chevy Prizm averages a little over thirty.

  2. Devious says:

    Your an idiot. I say this to the guy who wrote this. This car isn’t “gay”. It’s a step towards the future. In 2030 people won’t be driving the same gas guzzling cars they drive today, and this design may very well be around then. At least something small like it.

    There is absolutely no reason small cars or ones like this should be refereed to as “gay”. Just because you don’t drive a muscled up 4 million dollar car doesn’t mean you aren’t heterosexual.


  3. Devious says:

    Excuse my manners, girl.

  4. Vito Rispo says:


  5. sketch says:

    Nevermind that the smart fortwo’s fuel economy (33/41 EPA) is, in fact, not much better than that of the Toyota Yaris (29/36), and once you consider that it requires premium fuel, it becomes little more than a ridiculous fashion statement. At least the Mini Cooper (28/37 MPG), which also requires premium fuel, seats four and drives almost like a real car.

    If you want fuel economy, buy a Prius, or an Insight, or a Civic Hybrid, or a diesel Jetta. They all do a much better job of it than the smart with the added benefit of not looking (as) ridiculous and the ability to seat four adults comfortably. If you really want to drive a smart fortwo, move to Europe and buy one with a diesel, because only then will it make some semblance of sense.

  6. Luis Moreno Freire says:

    Retarded, ignorant and full of prejudice. You should not be writing about something that obviusly you don’t know