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Smart Car in Dakar? Oh Boy…

Posted in Dakar, European Rides, General, Racing, Rides, Smart, Videos by MrAngry | January 3rd, 2013 | Leave a Reply |

Smart Car Dakar 2013

If there is one car on the market that I would absolutely never recommend to anyone, it’s the Smart Car. They’re horribly underpowered, give one of the worst rides in the history of the automobile and have a transmission that’s so bad that I wouldn’t use it as a boat anchor for fear of offending the boat. That’s why when I saw this pitch for the Dakar 2013 Smart Feber Buggy, I had to chuckle. Driver Jose Luis Alvarez is currently campaigning for funds so he can race what is basically a Yamaha Razor (with a Smart body) in the 2013 Dakar rally “Buggy Light” class. We wish him well on his quest to complete the entire race unassisted, however we can’t help but think he should’ve started off with a better platform.

Source: Youtube.com

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