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Smart Car Crosses Canada on 89 Gallons of Fuel

Posted in Chrysler, General by will bee | July 9th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Smart Car Crosses Canada 

A father and daughter recently crossed Canada from Halifax to Vancouver in their Smart Car on 89 gallons of diesel fuel. The entire excursion was chronicled by the driver/father, John Leblanc for Wheels.ca. You can read up on their entire journey as they crossed the highways of Canada. With Leblanc at the wheel and his daughter, Olivia, in the Navigators chair they managed to make the 6,000 kilometer journey in 9 days. But which is the more impressive achievement: completing their trip in the eco-friendly, yet undersized Smart Car or that a father and his teenage daughter survived 9 days in such cramped quarters? Could any of you have made that same journey?


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