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“Smart” BMW Nav System Knows Where You’re Going Before You Do

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Although not anticipated to be ready for release until about five years down the road, BMW’s newest in-car navigation system is poised to take driver connectivity to a whole new level. Dubbed ILENA (Intelligent Learning Navigation), BMW’s new navigational prototype tracks driving habits and compares them to the current location to anticipate where the driver intends to go next. In terms of usefulness, the ILENA system is aimed less at enhancing the driver’s ease of navigation, and more at improving the vehicle’s performance. By accurately identifying the next location, ILENA will allow other on-board computers to adjust the vehicle’s performance output and maximize energy efficiency (which is similar in theory to the way a dual-mode hybrid automatically switches to electric-only power at speeds of 25mph or less).

According to BMW, even during the infant stages of testing, ILENA already posts an 80% success rate in accurately guessing the next location. By the time the technology is refined enough for production, expect ILENA’s accuracy to be on target enough to force you to get really creative when lying to your wife.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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