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Slow In, Fast Out Works Much Better

Posted in Crashes, driving, FAIL, Safety, Track Events, Videos by Kurt Ernst | January 5th, 2011 | 5 Responses |

How To Crash an Evo!

Toronto Motorsports Park allows cheap lapping on weekday summer nights. Oddly, it also doesn’t require any prior training or safety equipment, as evidenced by this video. The driver claims that his brake fluid boiled, resulting in a loss of braking ability at the end of the first straight. I’m not buying it, since it looks like he was way too focused on passing the Rabbit down the front straight to worry about things like braking markers or turn in points. Besides, what’s the sense of turning in when you’re carrying that much speed? Unless you’re in an F1 car, that’s only going to cause massive understeer and loss of control. If your brakes truly are gone, it’s better to go straight off in a corner than to go off sideways or backwards.

High performance driving events (HPDEs) are a lot of fun, but I’ve never seen one that didn’t require long pants, shoes and a helmet. Most facilities frown on you lapping with your homeboy in the passenger seat, with good reason; if you’re trying to impress your friends, you’re not focused on the important stuff, like braking in a straight line and not carrying excessive speed into corners. There’s a reason that instructors tell you to not drive beyond your ability, and here’s the perfect illustration why.

Source: Bangshift

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5 Responses

  1. Vendsale says:

    In the drivers defense, it looks like he puts his foot on the brake early enough to get slowed down for the corner. You can see the driver and passenger lunge forward a bit as the brakes grab and then seem to fade.

    I don’t know what would have been better if your brakes went out in that situation. By turning in and sliding he scrubbed off some speed and ended up hitting the backing with the back of his car rather which is better than risking damage to the radiator (or intercooler). The driver got lucky here.

    Either way the driver and passenger were lucky to not hurt themselves driving around a racetrack with no helmets on.

  2. Werty says:

    At least his hands are well protected.

  3. Shahroz says:

    looks like he tried pulling the handbrake …. maybe vendsale is right

  4. SNAK3 says:

    says the video is private?

  5. Kurt Ernst says:

    Ah, crap – looks like the poster changed it to a private video…